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Use the sun's free energy to make your next healthy and delicious meal. Solar ovens are easy to use and make tasty and nutritious food. Bake, boil or steam, your solar oven will do this! 

Using solar energy and being “green” seems to be getting everyone's attention. Using a solar, or, sun oven that uses solar power to cook with, is about as green as you can get. What’s better than getting free energy from our star to cook your meals? It saves energy and is also good for your wallet.

The ovens found here are of the best quality and have a proven track record of success in the USA and many nations across the globe. Oh sure, they are used by environmental enthusiasts and culinary experts. However, solar ovens have been an absolute godsend to many third world inhabitants. By using solar ovens, hazardous smoke wood fires that are normally used for food preparation, can be avoided. Also, the hard, and often dangerous, work of collecting firewood becomes unnecessary. In this way, using a sun oven also helps prevent deforestation in these nations.

And how about current events? Imagine how much you can save on home energy bills by using an oven powered by the sun! Or, use one during a power outage. Solar ovens have been very helpful in the devastated lands of Haiti, Japan and Turkey. Disaster preparedness enthusiasts, "preppers", are very familiar with them. When the next disaster strikes your region, a solar oven could be a life saving appliance. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and violent wind storms create havoc for victims in their midst. With no power, a solar oven makes perfect sense, since only good sunshine is required for its operation.

See what a solar oven can do. What a surprise a sun oven would make at your next neighborhood "barbecue". Just make sure it's going to be a sunny day! We really do believe that foods taste better prepared in solar ovens.

Click on the various ovens to see which one suits you and your budget the best. We know, sometimes the initial cost of some of these ovens may seem a bit shocking, but keep in mind, while the sun is cooking the great tasting food, you're busy saving energy dollars. And, they're quite durable and will give you years of lasting performance. These appliances are made for having fun with family and friends!

After you receive and begin your new experience as a solar chef, keep in touch with us and get ongoing tips and advice on our blog, solarovenshopblog.com.

Make your choice, ordering one is simple since we normally include FREE SHIPPING (in continental USA).



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